Our Mission is:

  • To become the premier provider of real estate auctions through the use of the auction method of marketing through our honesty, integrity, ethics, respect, and compassion for our customers.
  • To work as a team to maximize the investment capital for the sellers.
  • To create individualized marketing campaigns specific to our customer’s needs and the auction scope.


                                      ~ Auction Services ~


Auction Boulevard is able to assist you with the following types of auctions and services:

  • Real Estate:
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Vacant Land
  • Bankruptcies
  • Appraisal Services

With expertise in all types of real estate, Commercial, Residential and Vacant Land, Auction Boulevard conducts auctions designed with you in mind.

Auction Boulevard specializes in the marketing and liquidation of vacant land, commercial and residential real estate into cash through public auction.  Our clientele includes large and small corporations and businesses, attorneys, bankruptcy trustees, conservators, and private individuals desiring to liquidate their real estate quickly and easily through the auction method of marketing.

Auction Boulevard serves the entire State of Colorado and Wyoming, and is ready to assist you in meeting your goals.  We are able to conduct your auction through live auction, online only auction or live auction with online simultaneous bidding.

We are committed to properly marketing YOUR property to attain the highest value on auction day! 

For a confidential, no cost, consultation, please call or
e-mail us at [email protected].